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Where building professionals meet

Villa Park, Birmingham, 14th May, 10AM – 2PM

Educational Keynotes

New Interactive tableTALKs

Other specifiers and building professionals

A Local Event to Help Specifiers Learn About New Processes and Product Developments

Delivering an educational keynote schedule alongside new interactive sessions and a relaxed exhibition of product manufacturers. These events are built to inspire you with ideas and give you the technical information you need to back them up.

Knowledge sharing

A focus on 100% educational content!

We’ve launched a new, interactive format for you to discuss key topics. Visit each keynote seminar and book onto tableTALK sessions that are most relevant to you to make the most of your day.

Keynote Theatre

10:40 – Communication. Collaboration. Construction.



11:40 – An Introduction to Passivhaus

Mike Sufflebotham, Green Building Store


12:40 – Making Solar fit without the FITS

Steve Bingham, Hawley energy group


TableTALK Programme

Table 1

10:20 – Profile 22 – Window Specification & Design
11:20 – DB Group – Structural Waterproofing Design Principles
12:20 – CTF Insulation – Value Your U-Value and “Fire Safe”

Table 2

10:20 – CVC Direct – Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery
11:20 – Raico – Advances in Curtain Wall

Table 3

10:20 – GSHP – Explaining how ground source works on your projects
11:20 – KBI – Discussing permeable paving solutions

Product exhibition

Get answers to the technical questions regarding your ongoing projects, direct from the manufacturers. In a relaxed format, we’ve brought together some of the leading product manufacturers and suppliers for you.

  • Raico
  • Green Building Store
  • Profile 22
  • CTF Insulation
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Association
  • Cadspec
  • KBI
  • CVC Direct
  • HBS Group
  • DB Group
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About your ticket

Villa Park Stadium, Birmingham
Tuesday 14th May, 10am-2pm
Free to attend for specifiers and building professionals

We will confirm your ticket by email and send your tickets around a week prior to the show.

Your ticket entitles you to…

  • Entry to the event from 10am – 2pm
  • Access to either keynote theatre
  • Ability to pre-book tableTALKs
  • Free parking